Metadata Management – Context matters!

Implementing enterprise metadata repository, metadata enrichment and accelerated metadata implementation and adoption.



  • What data exists? For example Internal generated, externally collected, purchased
  • What is the correct business definition, format, valid values?
  • What data is PII data, critical data?
  • What are the standards for data collection, distribution?


  • How does data flow through the data lifecycle? From data creation to archival?
  • What transformations, calculations at each data hop?


  • Who are the users of data?
  • Which department or division?
  • Who is accountable for the dataset?
  • What are the data quality, rules, and SLA’s?


  • Is there a single location for enterprise metadata?
  • Are users able to quickly find and understand data?
  • Are users able to collaborate?
  • Goals: Accurate, Accessible, and Consolidated Business glossary
  • Accurate inventory of critical data assets, process information
  • Business, Technical, and operational metadata to improve efficiency, reduce redundant efforts.