At a Federal Agency, we built a complete risk management portal that serves as an early warning system to detect properties potentially at risk. Identifying early signs of trouble at a property is critical to resolve issues and reduce the risks of default. The solution included risk algorithms, insightful management dashboards, account executive dashboards, risk reports, summary and detail reports, metadata reports to name a few. Our Data Sources to build these systems ranged from CMS, State provided nursing home data, and HUD internal weekly portfolio. 

We had built risk management dashboards and reports using Tableau in support of Basel III Compliance for a leading American bank. This was part of the required data management guidelines required as part of Dodd-Frank Act. The report included data quality metrics on critical data elements. We gathered business requirements from over 350+ data stewards, data owners, and metadata management personnel. Designed and developed data quality rules (business driven) to identify anomalies in data for further investigation.

For a US-government sponsored financial enterprise we assessed their current state of metadata and presented our findings and recommended implementing a centralized metadata repository for a single source of truth. We stood up a metadata management solution M3 (Multifamily Metadata Management) in a few weeks. The solution consolidated metadata from several silos, repositories, spreadsheets, databases, EUC’s to name a few and published the clean, and authorized metadata to the enterprise tools. We also built analysis tools for loan conversion.