More than just a Data Strategy Company


Experience: Aikya brings rich experience, seasoned professionals with years of experience assessing, recommending and building innovative data solutions. We have delivered demanding solutions under pressing time constraints and far exceeded expectations.

Accelerators: We have several tools that are accelerators. They include:

  • XML Auditing Tools to verify content and structure
  • Meta tools to automate data mapping tests
  • Functional Requirements Document Testing Automation
  • Data Migration, Aggregation, and Reporting.

Deep knowledge of data: Our team brings rich experience in understanding the data, making sense of it, and presenting to business users so the right areas get attention.

Past Performance: Our testimonials include Top banks, financial agencies, and mortgage agencies.

Big 4 Experience: Our team includes members with a well rounded experience from Big 4 firms, top schools, with a continuous learning mindset. We have published white papers, and presented at leading conferences to audiences from top 50 banks, and financial institutions.


Work Ethic

Uncompromising work ethic is our passion as we relentlessly exceed client expectations.




"Specialty" organization focusing entirely on data management. We take pride in doing one thing and doing it right. 


Aikya believes in serving those who serve us. We believe it is vital to give back to our ecosystem.




A plan to effectively manage all aspects of the data lifecycle - from data acquisition, creation, usage, access, and archival so the right data is available to the right people at the right time in a secure, cost effective, repeatable manner. Aikya Inc enables data-driven companies with our full spectrum of data management services.  Aikya delivers unique data management solutions based on your specific needs.

Enterprise Information Management

Enterprise Information Management

  • Enterprise Data Governance

  • Data Policies and Procedures

  • Establishing and maintaining high levels of Data Quality

  • Metadata Management Expertise

  • Data Warehouse and Reporting

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IT Strategy

Business Intelligence

From Data to Information to Insight. In beautiful visuals. We have built 100+ dashboards and 1000+ visualizations using Tableau, Business Objects, and other reporting tools.

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IBM Software & Services

IBM Software & Services

Aikya delivers IBM's smarter government solutions including IBM Analytics and Big Data

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Sudha Gummuluru | President, CEO

11890 Sunrise Valley Dr, Reston, VA 20191

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